From Cabins to Caboose

Over the years our clients have included homeowners, churches, museums, universities, businesses, architects, engineers and Federal, State and Local Governments. It is nearly impossible to condense 35 years of experience into a few examples, but we'll do our best.

Tanner House at Roanoke College, Restoration

Salem, VA
As few working-class homes from the early 19th century have survived, it was with great pleasure we worked with Roanoke College to save the1840 Tanner House from "demolition by neglect." Ongoing exterior restoration includes structural stabilization, removal of hazardous materials, extensive masonry and carpentry repair, recreation of missing window sash and casings, recreation of the front porch and painting. Interior restoration is scheduled for the near future.

Virginia Military Institute, Window Restoration

Lexington, Virginia
Wooden barracks windows are carefully extracted, repaired and restored by hand, then reinstalled with upgraded hinges and new brass hardware in a newly restored window frame. 

Fotheringay, Kitchen Renovation

Elliston, Virginia
A well designed, well executed kitchen is a challenge for any contractor. However, placing one sensitively into an 18th century home that already has a poorly designed mid-19th century kitchen, really shows what you can do. Renovation of the kitchen inside Fotheringay included modifying existing cabinets, constructing custom units, countertop design and installation, plumbing and lighting solutions, drywall repair, painting, and flooring installation.

Municipal North Building, Masonry Restoration and Waterproofing

Roanoke, Virginia
Like many older public buildings, Municipal North suffered from deferred maintenance. One of the results was water infiltration along the parapet walls and hidden gutters. These leaks were causing damage to interior plaster and had caused sections of the terra cotta entablature to fall off. In 2007 Southwest Restoration restored the decorative terra cotta entablature and the parapet above. Work included repairing the hidden gutter system, repairs to copper guttering on the penthouse, structural and cosmetic repairs to the terra cotta, re-pointing of glazed brick and painting. Several of the pre-cast capitals on the pilasters surrounding the building were also restored. Subsequent to this in 2008, we restored the large cast iron medallions below all of the windows on the building. The building now appears much as it did when it was originally constructed.

Fire Station #1, Masonry Restoration

Roanoke, Virginia
Completed in 1907, Fire Station #1 is one of Roanoke, Virginia's landmark historic buildings and is on the National Registration of Historic Places. In 2003 we restored the exterior facade and bell tower. The work included mortar testing, masonry and wood repair, sheet metal work, and painting. In 2004 the American Public Works Association recognized Southwest Restoration with their Historic Preservation Project of the Year Award.

The Haller-Gibboney House Museum, Window Restoration

The Town of Wytheville, Virginia
Built in 1823, the Haller-Gibboney House serves as the community's premier museum. Over the years the original wood windows had suffered from both exposure and deferred maintenance. In 2008, Southwest Restoration undertook a complete restoration of the original 1820's wood windows. Work included temporary removal, paint removal, traditional wood repairs coupled with epoxy repairs, glass replacement and painting. Several severely damaged sills were recreated from long-leaf yellow pine and installed. Minor stonework was also involved in the restoration. The house is on the National Registration of Historic Places.