Our lead carpenter is an all-weather craftsman. 

Our lead carpenter is an all-weather craftsman. 

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Click more to find out how we can help with your leaky roof!

Click more to find out how we can help with your leaky roof!

What makes Southwest Restoration special? What makes us different from a hundred other contractors? What makes Southwest Restoration the firm you should hire? Well in essence it is our approach to your project. It is the way we go about our work that makes us unique.

Our core philosophy is that whether the project is a small repair for a homeowner, the complete restoration of a historic building, or preservation planning for an entire downtown business district, each client deserves our very best effort. Southwest Restoration takes the time to thoroughly understand your projects, identify problem conditions, and suggest responsible courses of action that are specifically designed for your individual needs. We then execute our work with a superior level of craftsmanship that can only come from decades of commitment and hard work. Ultimately our goal is to develop your trust through clear communication, sound project planning and by setting and meeting realistic deadlines. By having a thorough understanding of your project prior to beginning work, incorporating sound design, and executing our work with skill and sensitivity, Southwest Restoration works to make your vision a reality.

Because our unique experience in preservation and renovation work, we can offer our clients a variety of services:

  • Historic Preservation & Restoration
  • Historic Designation Applications, Federal and State Tax Credit Applications, Grant Applications
  • Structural Stabilization
  • Log and Timber Frame Structures: Repair and Restoration
  • Window Restoration: Wood and Metal
  • Masonry: Re-pointing, Repair and Cleaning
  • Metal and Slate Roof: Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Plaster: Decorative and Flat Work
  • On Site Supervision and Training: Logic and Techniques, Epoxy, Masonry, Plaster and Wood
  • Moisture and Environmental Monitoring
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Historic Structures Reports and Condition Surveys
  • Materials Testing, Sampling and Development: Mortar, Paint and Various Finishes
  • Consultation to Architects and Engineers During Planning Phases
  • Specification Writing
  • Budget Development
  • Project Management: Adaptive Reuse and Renovation of Existing Buildings

Additional Services:

  • Residential Renovation: Additions, Build-outs, Windows, etc.
  • Commercial Renovation
  • Sandblasting and Specialty Coatings
  • Large Artifact Conservation: Railroad Cars & Engines, Antique Automobiles and Motorcycles
  • Murals and Graphics: Interior and Exterior
  • Sculpture Restoration: Metal and Stone Repair, Patinating, Welding and Brazing
  • Surface Drainage Remediation

Do you have a project that needs special attention? Check out some of our Previous Projects then contact us for a site-visit.